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Quality Control

We are committed towards meeting our customer’s requirement through our continual improvement in quality management systems.

Consumer Products We Export Worldwide:

Our Export orders have to go through from 4-Levels quality control system.
    Level -1    Raw Material Quality Check
    Level -2    Production Check
    Level -3    Finishing Check
    Level -4    Packaging Check includes Drop Check
Our quality control team makes it sure that every single unit is checked carefully as per our Q.C Norms.
Q.C Team approves the order for dispatch only when all the Q.C levels are performed on the order.

From Production level till Packaging the Q.C team makes it sure to maintain consistency and higher quality standards that meets the International quality standard.

Import Raw Material:

Our Cold Rolled Coils & Circles has to go through from 3 Levels quality check systems.
    Level -1    Chemical Composition Check through Independent Laboratory.  
    Level -2    Power Press Drawing Check.
    Level -3    Surface Finishing Checks

On completion of above all checks a Material Test Certificate (MTC) is provided to customers as a confirmation of quality of material.

On Time Delivery

Our on time delivery system enables us timely executions of orders, results us beating deadlines given by our customers.   
At Reliable essentials our Delivery Score Card (DSC) enables us to monitor and measure every process and status of your Purchase Orders till it is ready for dispatch. It includes Quality Check Process.

Our DSC not only makes possible timely completion and dispatch of orders but also helps improving our work efficiency and team spirit amongst at Reliable.
Reliable’s growth through commitments, we are committed for care about Quality, Environment, Good Health and Safety.

At Reliable we believe that business conduct can be ethical, only when it rests on the core values of Honesty, Integrity, Respect, Fairness, Purposeful, Trust, Responsibility, Citizenship and Caring.

The essence of these commitments is that each employee conducts the company's business with integrity, in compliance with applicable laws, and in a manner that excludes considerations of personal advantage.

We do not lose sight of these values under any circumstances, regardless of the goals we have to achieve.

To us, the means are as important as the ends.

For Reliable…
Growth is Care for Health
Reliable take initiative for health education and awareness from integral part of health care programs.
It funds Medical check-up camps for the society and its workers.
Growth is Care For the Environment
Reliable believes that a clean environment in and around the workplace fosters health and prosperity for the individual,
the group and the larger community to which they belong.
Growth is Betting on Our People
Reliable builds with care a workplace that proactively fosters professional as well as personal growth. There is freedom to explore and learn; and there are opportunities that inspire initiative and intrinsic motivation. We believe that people must dream to achieve, that these dreams will drive the company's excellence in all its businesses. Reliable thinks, behaves, lives and thrives with a global mindset, encouraging every employee to reach his / her full potential by availing opportunities that arise across the group.
Growth is Thinking Beyond Business
As Organisation citizens, we invest in social activities, believing strongly that our business strength fuels our social contributions. To this end, Reliable encourages, funds and develops Child education and health care facilities for the under privileges. These initiatives are undertaken through partnerships with non-governmental organizations (NGO) and trusts.
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